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Domestic Violence and Family Law in Kentucky

If you are in danger from domestic violence . . .

Call 911

Then call your local domestic violence hotline or the National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-SAFE

Your computer use can be monitored and it is difficult to hide.  If you are in danger and are investigating your options in a domestic violence situation, please use a friend's computer, your work computer or one at the library, etc.

Domestic violence is a blight on modern society.  There is never an excuse for violence, particularly among family members and especially in the presence of children.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, we urge you to immediately seek help from local victims' assistance organizations.

If you are presently in genuine risk of injury through domestic violence, call 911 immediately and report the abuse!

An EPO (Emergency Protective Order) is available to any Kentucky resident who seeks temporary protection from the Court if there is sufficient proof of domestic violence having been perpetrated.

If granted, an EPO is good for up to 14 days.  During that two-week period, a hearing must be held and, if the Court is convinced there is sufficient evidence of domestic violence having taken place, a DVO (Domestic Violence Order) may be entered and in effect for up to three years.

In the past, the protections of an EPO or the more permanent DVO were only available to couples (a) who were married, (b) who were cohabitating or (c) who had a child in common.

In January 2016, the new INTERPERSONAL PROTECTIVE ORDER (IPO) became available in Kentucky to people who are in dating relationships but don't qualify for EPO/DVO protections.


Courier-Journal article from April 2016 on "dating restraining orders"

KRS 403.030 - Interpersonal Protective Orders

How to Obtain a Protective Order
(published by the Administrative Office of the Courts)

Use of New Interpersonal Protective Orders in Cases of
Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking

(published by the University of Kentucky as a Resource Document for Grades K-12)

Other important resources:

Note: In the discussions on this website about domestic violence, the term "she" is sometimes used when referring to a victim of domestic violence. The fact is that women are the target of at least 85% of all domestic violence.  This is not to say, however, that men are never the victims of domestic violence, that all men are abusive, that women are not or cannot be abusive or that domestic violence cannot or does not occur in same-sex relationships.  Domestic violence regularly crosses all gender, race or other socio-economic divisions.