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Dissipation of Marital Assets in Kentucky Divorces

If one party intentionally dissipates (which means "to waste", to "expend on useless or profitless activity", "to use or consume an asset thoughtlessly or carelessly") marital assets, the other party may be able to seek compensation for that loss.

If a spouse installs a paramour in a new home, provides a girlfriend/boyfriend with a car, pays the girlfriend/boyfriend's bills, travels with him or her on vacations, etc., then the injured spouse can file an action against the other for dissipating the parties' marital assets.

If a spouse gambles or drinks away such assets or if a spouse spends marital assets in the pursuit of a drug addiction, the injured spouse can seek remedies through the Court for dissipation.

Giving away, discarding or destroying marital assets can also be considered dissipation.

See Glidewell v. Glidewell, 859 S.W.2d 675 (Ky.App. 1993), for an important discussion by the Kentucky Court of Appeals on this subject.