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Contacting Hoge Partners, PLLC
We look forward to hearing from you but please bear in mind we cannot offer free legal advice to anyone unless we have been retained to represent that individual.  This means an Engagement Agreement must be signed and the Client's Engagement Fee has been received.

However, we do offer people brief (15-minute) telephone consultations to determine the essential facts of their situation so one of our attorneys can tell you what your rights, duties and options might be and so you can determine if you would like to hire us to represent you.

If you are interested in a 15-minute telephone consultation or if you know you want to engage our firm, you have several options for contacting us: 

By Phone:  (502) 583-2005
By Fax:  (502) 583-1223
By Letter:  Hoge Partners, PLLC
Suite 600
Kentucky Home Life Building
239 South Fifth Street
Louisville, Kentucky  40202
By Email:  HogePartners@DivorceInKentucky.com


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Hoge Partners, PLLC dedicates this practice to Family Law, striving to provide honest, caring and affordable legal services of the highest quality.

The attorneys of Hoge Partners, PLLC are admitted to practice law only in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.   No one associated with Hoge Partners, PLLC may express an opinion about the laws of other states and cannot answer questions about situations elsewhere.

Kentucky law does not certify the specialization of the practice of law. However, at least 95% of Hoge Partners, PLLC's practice is dedicated to matters relating to Family Law, including divorces involving complicated maintenance, business valuations, professional practices, executive compensation, relocation and retirement benefits issues as well as post-divorce matters, prenuptial agreements, unmarried couples and domestic violence.

Further, unless an attorney-client relationship is created through the mutual execution of a retainer agreement and the receipt of an agreed retainer fee, we cannot answer specific legal questions of any description.