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Learn More About Bill Hoge -- Louisville Family Law Attorney

Attorney William L. Hoge, III has been practicing law in Louisville, KY for more than three decades.  You can rely on his years of experience and knowledge as a divorce lawyer to help you solve complex legal disputes in Family Law, whether in Louisville and Jefferson County and in LaGrange and Oldham County.

He is an active member of the KY Bar Association, the Louisville Bar Association and many other legal industry organizations.  The majority of Mr. Hoge's practice is dedicated to Family Law and being of service to people going through the divorce process in Kentucky, individuals needing assistance with post-divorce matters (child support, custody, visitation, etc.), victims of domestic violence and others needing legal representation in subjects relating to Domestic Relations law.

A native Louisvillian, Bill Hoge attended the University of Louisville and graduated from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law.

Bill Hoge was a Trailblazer in Alternative Dispute Resolution

A Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Bill was at the forefront in the introduction of alternative dispute resolution methods such as Family Law mediationarbitration and particularly collaborative law in Louisville and Kentucky.

Bill Hoge was a founding member of the Kentucky Collaborative Family Law Network, a consortium of Louisville attorneys, financial professionals and mental health practitioners specially trained in the art of collaborative divorce.

Mr. Hoge was also one of the founders of Family Law Solutions, PLLC, a network of specially trained Louisville lawyers dedicated to the use of Family Law mediation to resolve difficult and complex divorce cases.

Bill Hoge's services as a mediator are available to help litigants resolve even seemingly hopeless, high-conflict situations.

In August 2007, Billy Hoge was interviewed by ABCNews.com for a story on trends in the filing of new divorces as summer draws to a close.  The story was published 08/28/2007 as "End of Summer, Time for a Divorce?  Divorce Lawyers Say More Couples Split Up at the End of Summer".

Billy was featured in an March 14, 2008 article in Business First of Louisville, Kentucky on the subject of hotly contested or high-conflict divorce actions (External link to article: "What are the most emotional cases you encounter as an attorney?").

Interested in asking Mr. Hoge to be a guest speaker for your organization on issues relating to Family Law?

Let us know if you are interested in having Mr. Hoge speak to your church, civic or professional group on the subject of Family Law as it relates to divorce, child custody, child support, alcoholism, drug addiction, division or dissipation of marital assets, protection of non-marital property, valuation of businesses or professional practices (medical, dental, legal, accounting, etc.), domestic violence or dysfunctional families.

Are you open to alternatives to lengthy, expensive and burdensome litigation? Do you want to control the costs of your divorce?

Family Law can be difficult for everyone involved -- the parties, their attorneys, the Court, and especially the children.  But recent changes in perceptions and attitudes about Family Law have brought about some exciting alternatives to full-blown, no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners divorce litigation.

Learn more about alternative dispute resolution methods

Bill Hoge's law practice has been devoted for many years to handling divorcedomestic relationsparental rightschild visitationchild supportchild custody, advocating for fathers' rightsdomestic violenceEPOs, DVOs, maintenance and alimonydivision of marital propertyrestoration of non-marital propertyestablishment of paternity, parenting plansco-parentingproperty settlement agreementspost-divorce actions, international and domestic parental abductions or kidnapping, annulmentsQDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders) for the division of pension and retirement benefits, as well as prenuptial agreementscohabitation agreements and business valuations.

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