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Drug, Substance & Alcohol Abuse in the LGBTQ Community

Many studies indicate that the prevalence of drug, substance and alcohol abuse is higher among the LGBTQ community than among heterosexuals.  Whether this is true or not and regardless of the level of frequency, all too often people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, straight or otherwise need help confronting their abuse issues.

Alcohol, substance and drug use can be a reaction to homophobia, discrimination or violence LGBTQ experienced due to their sexual orientation and can contribute to other mental health and physical problems. It can disrupt relationships, employment, and threaten financial stability.

Other causes include higher rates of depression among LGBTQ individuals, the need to escape from the presence of social stigma and homophobia, efforts to either numb or enhance sexual feelings, attempts to ease shame and guilt related to LGBTQ identity and drug use among peers leads to pressure on non-users.

Even a false allegation that a participant in a Family Law case has drug, substance or alcohol abuse issues can significantly complicate the situation.

We strongly urge you to be completely honest with your Family Law attorney about the facts as well as your concerns regarding abuse of drugs, substances or alcohol by you or any person involved in your case.

While Hoge Partners, PLLC obviously can't solve anyone's drug, alcohol or substance abuse problems, we do strongly encourage people with those issues to seek treatment. 

Some of the resources we encourage people in Kentuckiana to investigate and to hopefully avail themselves of include:


Other LGBTQ Legal Issues:

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and non-heterosexual couples and individuals have other significant legal issues besides dependency, abuse and neglect cases, such as:

The attorneys at Hoge Partners, PLLC will be happy to talk to you about your legal options affected by gender identity and/or sexual orientation.  Call us today.